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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be strong to try Aerials?
Not at all! Our classes are suited for everybody! Circus is a fantastic way to have fun, challenge yourself and get strong all at the same time! If you are worried strength may hold you back, start at one of our Beginner classes and then you can talk to one of our coaches to see what class would suit you best!


I’m not flexible, can I still try Contortion?
Absolutely! A lot of people assume that you need to be flexible in order to try a contortion class but that’s not the case! Kinetica’s contortion classes gives you a foundation in flexibility training and how to work towards your flexibility goals with a progressive program of stretching and strengthening exercises

I don’t want to commit to a pack of 5-10 Classes; can I just do a couple to see if I love them?
Of Course! We have a casual class rate for every class, so you are able to try a class before signing up! Just let us know that you are planning on coming by emailing, messaging or booking in on MindBody.


What class is best suited for my Child?
All kids classes have an age range. This ensures that the structure and content is best suited for your child’s motor skills, development and awareness. We have classes that range from toddlers all the way up to teenagers! Click here for the Kids Classes.


What should I wear to classes?
We recommend anything you feel confortable moving in! If you are trying an aerial bring some leggings or tight-fitting clothing.


Do the classes follow a structured program?
Yes! All of kinetica’s classes follow a specific structure that the coach of that class has developed. Each class is structured differently depending on the coach, the skill level and the type of apparatus.

What classes are suited for beginners?
At Kinetica we have classes that range from beginner to advanced. We would recommend starting at one of our beginner classes which you can find on our MindBody site here. The classes we offer that are catered for beginners are Lyra, Silks, Trapeze, Handstands, Hammock and Straps. You will also find a small description of all classes on MindBody.


How do I build strength for aerials?
It’s easy! Come to more aerial classes! Kinetica also has a 1-hour conditioning class called ‘Power Hour’ that focuses primarily on strength for aerials. We also recommend training at least 2-3 times a week whether that’s through classes or other forms of physical activity.


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