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Kinetica are highly skilled circus artists who specialize in creating stylish and unique performances to suit your theme and budget. There are no events too big or small as Kinetica can provide anything from roving performances and individual circus acts; to custom circus shows and full-length theatrical productions.

Popular themes encompassed by Kinetica’s performances include The Roaring 20’s, Burlesque, Nautical, Tango, Spanish Flamenco, Arabian Nights, Cirque and more.

Kinetica’s performances can be choreographed to be slow and ambient, strong and sexy, mysterious, quirky, elegant, lyrical or sophisticated. However, underlying the act choreography there is always a strong gymnastics and dance technique that sets Kinetica’s performers apart and allows our performers to move effortlessly from ground to air.

Kinetica collaborates with local fashion designers 'Revolt Couture' to create costumes that are both unique and fashion forward. We are also able to collaborate with musicians to create circus performances that are enhanced by the ambience of live music. Previous collaborations have included aerial performances accompanied by ‘Tenorcello’ and Spanish Guitarist Tim Andrew.

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    Hand Balancing

    Combining handstands and contortion performed on canes, the hand balance is a demonstration of strength, poise and consummate skill.

    Both male and female performers available.

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    Kinetica delivers a blend of circus tradition and performance art modernism in its contortion acts.

    Contortion can be performed as a solo or duo, also with the addition of props such as feathered fans or a ball.

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    Pole Acrobatics

    Using a freestanding 3m pole, the artist performs skills reminiscent of international pole sports competitions, showing flexibility and grace.

    More circus skill than pole dancing but can be performed with a burlesque feel. Both male and female performers available. Duo acts also available.

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    Acro Adagio

    A duo act, usually performed by a male and female artist though an all female duo is available.

    The base performer lifts and manoeuvres a flying performer in an acrobatic dance that demonstrates impressive strength, trust and skill.

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    This dramatic apparatus is a crowd favourite and iconic in modern circus. Two falls of material are climbed and manipulated by the aerialist, encompassing graceful heights and spectacular drops.

    Kinetica specialises in solo silks and duo partner silks; the ultimate demonstration of strength, trust and grace. Both male and female performers available.

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    One of the most elegant acts in circus, this silver aerial hoop spins from a single point and demonstrates flexibility, grace and balance.

    Solo Lyra is a single performer on a single Lyra, can be performed as a synchronised act with two performers each on their own Lyra. Both male and female performers available.

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    Duo Lyra

    As a duo on the same Lyra, two aerialists mirror and counterbalance each other on the spinning aerial hoop, contortion and dance combine to create a kaleidoscopic effect.

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    Gyroscopic Lyra

    A truly unique apparatus, the Gyro takes the already incredible aerial hoop of Lyra and puts a new spin on it…literally.

    With additional spinning points on the horizontal plane as well as the usual vertical axis, the Gyro Lyra is not for the faint hearted, and demonstrates sheer strength and coordination. Can be performed as a solo act, or a duo with two performers on a single Gyro Lyra.

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    Spinning at death defying speeds, in this act an aerialist is suspended by wrists, ankles or a combination of both as they spin high above the crowd, manoeuvring through artistic positions, strength holds and contortion. Both male and female performers available.

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    Spanish Web

    This act delivers dizzying heights and outrageous speeds. An aerialist suspends themselves at the top of a rope and contorts while being spun from below.

    The Web can be used by a single aerialist, or in a synchronised performance.

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    This act can be performed on a single trapeze as a solo routine or as a duo with two aerialists, or on a triple trapeze (three trapeze bars joined together) with three, four, five or six aerialists.

    The performers dance, counterbalance and drop around the bar and ropes, demonstrating both flexibility and intense strength. Both male and female performers available.

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    A unique apparatus, the Malkhamb is a traditional Indian rope. The aerialist climbs, contorts and performs yoga-like positions metres above the ground suspended by their toes! A beautiful mix of Indian tradition and circus, this display is dramatic and different.

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    A dynamic act, the Cloudswing shows the artist swinging and dropping on a seemingly insubstantial loop of fabric. Both elegant and suspenseful, this performance definitely has the wow factor.

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    Kinetica has several different characters available for Roving including but not limited to:

    • A wacky circus ringmaster who performs tumbling and handstands, and is obsessed with being on time
    • An acrobatic duo who perform lifts, balances and tumbling with a touch of comedy);
    • Graceful fan dancers who perform burlesque and contortion.
    • Intriguing forest and sea sprites who contort and tumble.

    Kinetica can create new costumes and characters to suit any theme.

    Roving is performed in pairs and generally in 30 minute periods.

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    Aerial Bar Tending

    Kinetica have several performers (male or female) who are able to serve drinks to your guests as part of a performance. 

    All performers have RSA qualifications.

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