Perth Fringe Festival 2015

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Here are some of the reviews Kinetica's show "A Midsummer's Night Dream" received as part of their performance run in the Perth Fringe Festival.

Publication Article Title Publication Date
Jess's Brain Room Fringe World 2015 - A Midsummer Night's Dream 09 February 2015
Rotunda Media FRINGE WORLD: A Midsummer Night's Dream 08 February 2015

 Kinetica also performed their one off show "Backyard BBQ" at the Sunset Varanga that was also part of the 2015 Perth Fringe Festival.

Backyard BBQ


2014 Perth Fringe Festival

Fringe 2


2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Melb 2014

Here are some of the reviews Kinetica's show "Hold Close" receieved as part of their performance run in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. 

Publication Article Title Publication Date
The Sydney Morning Herald Fringe Festival Review: Kinetica's Hold Close is remarkable and polished.   01 October 2014
Weekend Notes The Top 10 Must-See Events at the Melbourne Fringe Festival  
  Fringe: Hold Close - Gasworks.  02 October 2014


2014 City of Stirling Summerset Arts Festival

In January Kinetica performed "Splash Circus" as part of the Summerset Arts Festival to a sold out crowd.

The festival now has a brilliant video of all the awesomeness that happened in Summerset, check it out here! (Kinetica is at 1:45  )


Perth Fringe Festival 2013

Fringe 2013

In the lead up to the 2013 Fringe Festival, members of Kinetica featured in articles in the local newspaper.

Publication Article Title Publication Date
Midland Reporter Matthew gets the drop on excitement 30/Jan/2013
Canning Times Schoolgirl performs in the big top 15/Jan/2013
Eastern Reporter Kinetica colours theatre world 15/Jan/2013
In My Community News Pics January 28 to February 3, 2013  


Kinetica was even interviewed by The West Australian (Online) in lead up to the Fringe World Festival 2013 for even more exposure.

The story of "Kinetica" takes place in a monochromatic world, where psychiatrist Dr Jon McGray awakens and starts his monotonous routine - wake up, get dressed, drink coffee, go to work, nod to colleagues, sort ink blots, stamp patients clinically insane, tidy desk... Until one day, a streak of colour invades his life and transforms his world into 'Kinetica', a kaleidoscope of perpetual movement and colour. Is it a hallucination or a dream? Is it reality?

In an explosion of kinetic energy, the circus goes haywire as aerial and ground acts morph and collide. Kinetica showcases the impressive physicality and story-telling of a collective of talented local circus performers and dancers.

With sell out shows on both the first AND second nights, the self titled show Kinetica both amazed and impressed all the audience members who came to watch us, including a reviewer who described Kinetica as being "a family friendly show that should be one of the must-sees at Fringe this year." [Read the full review here]